Black & White Film at Home

So I recently acquired all the necessary equipment to develop and scan black and white film at home.  My love for film continues to grow and I wanted to get a little more connected to it by doing some of my own development.  In college I learn how to develop in a darkroom and also make prints in a darkroom. It was such an awesome experience that I would suggest for anyone who wants to get into photography.

Here are some shots from my first 2 rolls of 35mm film (1 Ilford HP5 and 1 Kodak 400TX) developed at home and scanned using my Canon 5D Mark II.  I'm looking forward to trying out some 120 film soon - and it will be much easier to scan... I am also planning to post some photos and perhaps even a video detailing more of this at-home process.

As usual, my gracious and lovely wife agreed to be my test subject!